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Generic Name: Finasteride
Brands Names: Propecia, Proscar

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What is Propecia?

Propecia has finasteride as its primary component. The latter is a synthetic compound and was then called Proscar. This medication was largely used to cure benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) in those years. However, soon afterward, it was discovered the drug had quite an interesting side effect.

Male pattern baldness, or the androgenetic alopecia illness as doctors like to call it, is mostly caused by two reasons. These are the hormonal imbalance and the heredity of the patient. Late in 1997 the popular company Merck & Co. introduced a new medication called Propecia which aimed to serve as a solution against hair loss.

The Efficiency of Propecia

In 1997, when Merck & Co. conducted tests on men who suffered from benign prostatic hyperplasia. Proscar resulted not only in good results in treating the illness but also had quite unexpected side effects. Men taking the medication reported a significant hair growth. Anyway, as the drugs were already approved as BPH meds, the company searched another way of using it for treating male pattern baldness. Merck & Co. reduced the dosage from 5mg to 1mg and got approval from FDA to call the new medication Propecia. This way the world’s first oral drugs affecting hair growth were invented.
According to numerous studies, it was concluded that finasteride (the main component of Propecia) affected differently on patients who took the drugs daily for five years. Some experienced significant hair growth on the front of the scalp. Others reported about ceasing to lose hair as they did before, while other men stated their hair became larger and heavier. In all cases, the medication only had an impressively good impact on preventing hair loss and stimulating hair growth.

Propecia Work Formula

The success of Propecia and its basic component finasteride in the “fight” against male pattern baldness is reasoned by the inhibiting of Type II 5-alpha-reductase. This ferment is in charge of transforming testosterone into DHT, and the latter is known as a more powerful androgen. A single Propecia drug that contains 1mg of finasteride can lower the DHT production up to 60% in an organism as long as taken on a daily basis.
It is the high level of DHT in an organism to blame for having hair shortening and thinning. The key is that dihydrotestosterone miniaturizes the susceptibility of hair follicles, which in their turn start producing colorless vellus hair instead of normal thick and dark ones. As time passes, hair becomes shorter and thinner and eventually disappear leaving only baldness on the head. By reducing the DHT level-up to 60%, finasteride prevents the above-described entire process. That’s why men, using Propecia not only report about having their hair loss stopped, but also experience additional hair growth. The quality of hair, as a result, changes significantly, too. Hair becomes much thicker and more voluminous.

Take Propecia Correctly

So, if you have determined to stop worrying about your male pattern baldness and leave the struggle to Propecia medication, you need to carefully read the entire instruction provided with each pack by the manufacturer. Here you will find all the necessary information as about the medication so about the right dosage.
One Propecia pill is equal to 1mg of finasteride. Therefore, the recommended dose is a drug per each day. The manufacturer advises taking the med the same hour of the day and with no gaps. However, if for some reason you didn’t manage to take the meds at the right hour, you needn’t worry. You may take it a couple of hours later. What is to be careful with, is not exceeding a pill-per-day dosage. Otherwise, you will experience an overdose.
The drug should not be spilled or taken with food. Drink it whole with a glass of water.
It should also be remembered, that the effect of Propecia won’t be observed soon. A patient is to take the medication at least for a year or even more to have the finasteride component activate the hair growth. During the first six months, the patient may even experience some hair loss, yet he should not be frightened. This is Propecia reaction.

Propecia Side effects

Several years after the release of Propecia, FDA demanded from the company to include in the instructions of both Propecia and Proscar, that the prolonged usage of them may lead to a certain decline in libido, the semen quality or the strength of orgasms. However, even if men taking the drugs reported about these side effects, even FDA hasn’t yet proved the validity of the statement. Therefore, whether to use Propecia or not is left to patients’ discretion.

So, whether Propecia has a side effect via reducing male libido or not, the medication is still acknowledged as perhaps the leading type in the industry of treating male pattern baldness. It has already been nineteen years since men all over the US and beyond have been using Propecia and reporting exclusively about positive results. Additionally, it is today’s only efficient oral medication that FDA approved in treating male pattern baldness and boosting the growth of finer hair.

Contraindications of Propecia

Propecia cannot be taken by women, as well as men who have hair loss started before the “heyday” of hormonal function, that is, up to 18 – 20 years.
Finasteride is contraindicated in men with diseases of the endocrine glands, or an endocrinologist should give a conclusion about the absence of contraindications to a decrease in the level of androgens.
Also, you shouldn’t take the drug in case of hepatic and renal failure, with allergic reaction and drug intolerance.

Propecia reviews

Anderson Anderson avatar

Hello, friends. At the age of 29, I started to have an exclusively hereditary hair loss effect, standard thing for this age. And it was not only on the head. When I began to take Propecia, 1/2 of the pill every day and after three months I forgot about hair problem at all. MORE, in some places, new hair began to grow. Then I stopped using it, just decided to check what would happen. Maybe I just had some temporary gene failure. As a result, somewhere in 3-6 months the hair back began to pour. So I decided to drink Propecia further. During the use of the product, there were no serious side effects. Yea, a little decreasing in libido, but at the same time, my erection remained well as always, and maybe even better.

Michael Michael avatar

I’m taking Propecia for five years now and have never really experienced any side effects. Also no libido reduction. But maybe this is because I have a high libido already. No significant prostate reduction was observed after blood tests. Hair loss is stabilized in any case. But it has also not been miraculously improved. As a 25-year-old, I almost have her. Only started to dump seriously around 20th. And given the heredity of our family, I started this product. After reading a lot, I did get a little scared of this product. The only thing I ’m in is impotence. Now I do not experience any problems in sex. But how can I keep an eye on this?