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Does The Priapus Shot Really Work

The P-Shot (also known as the Priapus Shot) is a procedure designed to deliver lasting improvements in sexual performance to men, especially those who have lost function due to an enlarged prostate, prostate cancer, the after-effects of surgery and other conditions such as diabetes.

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Nov 2, 2017 … The P-shot uses PRP therapy to make your erections harder and longer-lasting — or so its … Related: Do Penis Enlargement Products Work?

The word Priapus comes from the Greek mythology known as protector of fruit plants, livestock, gardens, god of fertility and male genitalia. today, if you search online the term Priapus, you’ll find images of this Greek mythology god characterized by an over-sized erect penis.

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My testosterone levels are really high going into this and the daily Cialis ….. Absolutely. depends on what “work” you want it to do. for erection, if you have …

Mar 20, 2017 … Question 1: Does the P-Shot® increase the size much and with or …. Of course, they do, but some people lift weights their whole life and still never really get … Do weights work better if you have growth hormones and steroids …

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Jun 27, 2016 … widely marketed as The Priapus Shot™, invented by Dr. Charles Runels, hype … to new levels, to rejuvenate your penis to be bigger and work better. … The studies did show that the treated rats had faster regeneration of the …

3 Questions about the Priapus Shot® Procedure. P-Shot® increase size much? With or without the pump? Other methods for size- pump work alone? If so how to use and for how long etc?

Reviews of the Priapus Shot® Procedure. Please be considerate. Honest and intelligent observations will be welcomed. Negative and positive comments needed for honest discussion.Hateful and thoughtless comments will be deleted and the commenter blocked.

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Why the Priapus Shot Works, and Why Sometimes it Won’t - The Inside Secret {Important Note: The Priapus Shot® procedure does not work well in smokers for the same reason that a plastic surgeon would never do a facelift or breast … Cool Video about the Priapus Shot® Procedure | Priapus Shot®

If Trimix works, I'd start shockwave and do 2 Priapus Shots. If no response … Most people really start to notice a big change around 2 months in. -Emily Porter …