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Can Adderall Cause Erectile Dysfunction

According to Drugs.com, Adderall is a central nervous stimulant that's most often … sexual desire but typically cause erectile dysfunction, according to the Merck …

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When taking Adderall, what erectile dysfunction medication can be helpful? Asked 15 Jan 2010 by Ryan2009 Updated 2 january 2012 topics adderall, erectile dysfunction. Details: Adderall decreases drive and erectile dysfunction for me! What is the best medication I can take with Adderall without decreasing Adderalls effectiveness for me? Answer this question. Responses (1) IN. Inactive 2 Jan …

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Oct 25, 2018 … However, it can have side effects, including erectile dysfunction in men. … This change in sex drive or sexual performance can cause distress …

Jun 1, 2018 … My question: does taking this medication affect sexual wantings or behavior? … I feel like I am less "horny" when on Adderall and sex is worse because of the … Nausea; Vomiting; Weight loss; diminished sex drive; Impotence.

Taking Adderall, Ritalin, Concerta or another stimulant drug for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity … Sudden withdrawal of amphetamine can cause symptoms such as … retention, sexual dysfunction, nasal congestion, blurred vision and dry eyes.

All medications come with a list of potential side effects. For some people, Adderall XR can cause emotional and physical side effects that can lead to erectile dysfunction.

Dec 6, 2013 … ADHD symptoms that can cause problems with your sex life include: … adhd stimulants (adderall, Ritalin) also can affect a person's libido, although … while others say they reduce sex drive and cause erectile dysfunction.

Can Adderall cause Sexual Dysfunction? Sexual Dysfunction is a known side effect of Adderall. Complete analysis from patient reviews and trusted online health resources, including first-hand experiences.

Adderall Sexual Side Effects Some potential Adderall sexual side effects include impotence or a decreased sex drive. However, because these side effects occur so infrequently, it is difficult to know whether these problems are caused by another condition, Adderall itself, or a combination of both.

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ADHD medication and erection problems Jul 7, 2015 … Previous research has found that amphetamine abuse can cause a wide range … associated with amphetamines, though: erectile dysfunction.

E.D. side effects with Adderall. Problems obtaining a prescription for Erectile dysfunction medication. … I insist that it is causing my erectile dysfunction and I can pull up other examples on the internet if I need too". I tell him I am going to look it up on my smartphone. I pull it up right away, he pulls a list up on his phone and reads off the side effects at the same time that I am …

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